Bulletproof Back

Back Strength Overview

Many people will experience back pain at some point in their lives. Unfortunately the aches and pains are often neglected until it’s too late. Sound familiar? Lucky for you, your back pain can be alleviated with proper care. Research has shown that focusing on your deep core and overall core strength training can alleviate lower back pain. 

The Bulletproof Back Program by Barangaroo Physio is a comprehensive, Physiotherapist led program, guaranteed to help you learn how to improve your lower back pain and function. At the end of 8 weeks, you will minimise existing discomfort, improve your posture, increase your strength, & prevent future injury.

Bulletproof Your Back and say goodbye to back pain for good

How does this program help you?*

  • Improve Core Weakness
  • Stiff/Tight Lower Back
  • Post Back Injury
  • Full Body Strength
  • Back Pain Prevention
  • Injury Prevention
  • Hip or Pelvic Pain
  • Posture Improvement

Your back strength program will be tailored to your specific needs, complete with:

  • 8 week progressive strength program (increasing in difficulty every week)
  • Private Pilates playlist to exercise alongside
  • 100% online – access anytime, anywhere
  • Minimal equipment
  • Sequential videos emailed to you every week 
  • Bonus videos to optimise your sitting and standing posture

Total investment just $107 (valued at $366).

*While this program can help many types of people improve their back pain and overall strength, it is not recommended for everyone. Do not proceed with this program if you are one of the following:

  • Anyone currently suffering with pain / pins & needles / numbness below the knee
  • Anyone who has had spinal / abdominal surgery within the past 12 months
  • Anyone who has acute, more severe or constant back pain symptoms
  • If unsure if this program is for you, please seek advice from your treating practitioner. 
Meet Your Physio
Vanessa Boon is our Go-To Physio with a special interest in Pilates based rehab and functional movement. She has a passion for treating spinal pain and injury.
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As a former national swimmer, Vanessa understands how important it is to maintain a strong and stable spine. She is able to recognise how pain can affect performance & works with her clients to achieve pain free movement as well as ensuring their come back is greater than their setback. Her passion for treating back pain led her to create this program which offers outstanding value to her clients.
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The majority of people have experienced lower back pain at some point in their lives. Lower back pain is such a common issue which can stop you from doing things you love and affect your mood. The good news is that incorporating simple exercises into your routine can help. Exercising regularly can help ease your discomfort, tension, stiffness and strengthen the muscles around your back to prevent a recurrence! 


Lower back pain is a common occurrence in the general population and is something that can become chronic if it remains untreated. But what are some symptoms besides just uncomfortable sensations in your back? 


Why do we get lower back pain in pregnancy?

This is a common question we get asked as physiotherapists. You are not alone – back pain affects over 50% of pregnant women, mostly taking place in the second and third trimester due to body changes. 


Clinical pilates is a wide umbrella term for a variety of strength and mobility exercises. This makes it the ideal workout to do if you would like a program tailored specifically to you and your abilities. There are so many benefits to clinical pilates here are just a handful of them.