elbow and hand conditions


Injuries to your upper extremities (hand, wrist, and elbow) can cause many different types of pain and symptoms. If you have had ongoing pain or nerve tension, then it may be time to visit a physiotherapist. A simple exercise program can help to prevent injury, while rehabilitation programs can assist after injury or surgery has occurred, helping to reduce pain and restore function.

Barangaroo Physio can assist with elbow and hand pain. Our experienced practitioners have treated a variety of upper extremity conditions and can develop personalised treatment plans to help heal your condition and get you out of pain. Our team is also trained in wrist casting and can assist in both the application and removal of casts. 

types of elbow and hand conditions:

  • Tennis Elbow
  • Golfer’s Elbow
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Carpal & Cubital Tunnel Syndrome
  • Wrist Fracture
  • Scaphoid Fracture
  • TFCC Injury
  • DeQuervains
  • Elbow Dislocation / Fracture
  • Pre and Post Operative Rehab 

Our team are also able to fabricate custom made splints for common wrist and hand injuries. 

If you have been living with ongoing upper limb pain, book in to see one of our physiotherapists. We can help you today!


Yes! The team at Barangaroo Physio can create, design and mould custom made splints. Each splint is fabricated to promote healing and fit comfortably. 

The simple answer is no; but also, yes. 

For starters, cracking is NOT linked to arthritis. Yes, despite popular beliefs, several studies have shown that the chances of having arthritis are around the same whether or not you crack your joints. 


Tennis elbow is a common injury in both sporting and non-sporting populations. Fun fact – you don’t have to play tennis to have tennis elbow! Also known as  lateral epicondylagia, the condition is characterised by pain on the outside of your forearm. Pain worsens with bending of the wrist and gripping. Other symptoms include swelling, sensitivity to touch and weakness. 

Tennis elbow is a overloading issue, meaning your muscles and tendons have been overused. This is essentially exceeding the elbow’s tolerance to a particular weight or repetition.


The human body is amazing – it can heal itself or adapt to anything that life throws at it, however just like us, it can fall into the wrong habits and adapt to improper use of muscles or loading.

Let’s take running as an example.

Your body will have an idea about the proper mechanics of running which we all learnt as children. The only thing is, if you have been working at a desk job that makes you sit for 8+ hours a day, there could be a possibility that you may not have gone for a run for quite some time.