Benefits of Clinical Pilates

By Physiotherapist, Vanessa Boon

Clinical pilates is a wide umbrella term for a variety of strength and mobility exercises. This makes it the ideal workout to do if you would like a program tailored specifically to you and your abilities. There are so many benefits to clinical pilates here are just a handful of them. 

Clinical Pilates improves strength and flexibility 

Clinical pilates movements are made to elongate your muscles or extend them with resistance in different positions or movements. What you will find is that the more you practice a certain movement, you will be able to stretch further with more control as your muscles learn to tolerate the load. 

Improves posture and back pain 

Clinical pilates mainly targets your core muscles and your deep core (transverse abdominis, pelvic floor, diaphragm and multifidus). As the workout mainly focuses on control from your core, this helps decompress your lower back and hold you more upright in the right way! 

Stress reliever 

Clinical pilates can help reduce stress levels due to the focus you have to place on each movement. The whole idea of pilates is to ground yourself physically so that you can ground yourself mentally as well. While doing pilates your whole focus is on performing a movement or holding a position through the workout which gives you a little break from everyday life. 

Great for pregnancy prehab/rehab

These types of pilates programs can be designed to support your body as it copes with the changes that come with the stresses of pregnancy. A few examples would be by building up strength in your core to help support your spine and lower your risk of getting a rectus diastasis, it also helps by strengthening your pelvic floor to reduce the risk of an incontinence post pregnancy. 

If you would like to reap these benefits or just build a better you today, book in HERE. If you would like to find out more please give us a call at 8599 9811. We look forward to helping you reach your goals.

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