How Sports Doctors and Physiotherapists work together

By Physiotherapist, Vanessa Boon


Dr Masi is an avid runner, skier, mother-of-2 and wife. She is a trained sports, exercise and lifestyle physician who has a keen interest in helping women of all ages live a healthy and active lifestyle.

What made you choose to combine lifestyle coaching after specialising in sports and exercise? 

I want to help women through all ages of life as it is not just them coming in with their injuries but also helping them be healthy and stay healthy and active without actually presenting to me with a problem. Basically, to give a holistic approach to females. 

With your interest in helping women, how do you help women with certain women’s health issues surrounding pregnancy?

Firstly, I help women recognise how important they are, as a woman, not just as a mother. To remind them to look after themselves both physically (to support them with the challenges that come along with raising a baby) and mentally.

How do you think physiotherapy ties in with how you practice?

Well, I am pretty good at seeing the whole picture and sometimes there are things that the women do not see themselves, and so I work together with a physiotherapist as they are the ones who help the women get to know their bodies, understand their bodies and how to get their bodies to do what they want them to do. Also, I think that physios have that magic touch with is always needed. 

What are the top 3 questions your patients ask?

Well every patient is different and it depends on whether they present with a sports, pregnancy or lifestyle related issues. 

How can I get better?

When will I get better?

What can someone else do to help me?

What are your answers to those questions?

Well, it depends on how long they have had the injury for and how much time and effort they put into doing their exercises recommended by me or by their physiotherapist. The more they are able to do that regularly, the sooner they will get better. Some things will naturally take longer depending on what the issue is but the fact is when they get involved and do more for themselves, that is when that process is going to be much quicker.

As a mother what is something your wished you knew pre, during and post pregnancy 

Before my pregnancy, I wish I knew that I wasn’t special. I thought I was, and I have always been a runner and I thought I was going to run until my last few weeks and have a natural birth; like an amazon woman. Well, I wish I knew it was not going to go to plan and I was not able to keep up with my running because I had some complications. I also wish I knew that Pilates was pretty important to do because I would have done it more diligently. 

During pregnancy, it is essentially the same thing. I wish I knew that it was not easy carrying a baby/having someone else on board. 

Post pregnancy, I wish I had known to be more diligent with my Pilates cause I would have been more aware of my body and attended to my diastasis recti (which I still have) a lot sooner. 

In regards to Pilates or a structured Pilates program, why would you recommend that to others?

Well because Pilates really puts you in touch with your own body. I have a runner’s background, I knew about how to use and move your big leg muscles and how to feel good that way. But I was not really in touch with my core, abdominal and back strength. That would have been really key in helping me address my diastasis and have better posture moving forwards to avoid little niggles of back pain that will come and go. 

Lastly, what is something you like women reading this to know? 

I want women to be aware of the fact that they are the queens of their own bodies. There is a lot that we can do to get ourselves better while others can advise and guide us along the way. When we put in the work, we pay attention to our bodies and listen to our intuition, that is what gets us on the road to recovery. 

Vanessa is the go-to physio at Barangaroo Physio. If you would like to read about how and why you should keep your core strong, click here. If you would like to learn how to keep your core and back strong, click here. If you have any questions or want to know if we can help, give us a call at 8599 9811 or book in here.

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