Treat your sore muscles with a relaxing remedial massage. Your tension will fade away and you will leave feeling refreshed and peaceful.

Remedial Massage services

30 minute massage

Having pain and stiffness but short on time? Book in for a thirty minute massage to have a specific problem area targeted. You will walk away feeling looser and lighter, able to get back to your busy day without any of that pesky pain.



45 minute massage

If you have more than one area that you would like worked on, then go for a 45 minute massage. Whether you have been training hard or sitting a lot for work, this massage will target your most painful areas. This is our most popular option.




60 minute massage

If you are looking to reduce pain while also sinking into full-bodied relaxation, then our 60 minute massage is for you. This massage will use a combination of relaxation techniques and targeted remedial approaches. 




How can remedial massage help you?

Help Your Body Heal

Remedial massage is a specific type of massage therapy that targets injured areas in the body. Regular massage therapy aims to heal damaged soft tissue by increasing blood flow and decreasing tension to the affected area.

This type of massage will assess your ligaments, tendons, and connective tissues to holistically understand your musculoskeletal pain. The goal of regular massage therapy is to reduce pain, increase blood flow, and restore function to your muscles and joints.

When you book in for remedial massage, you can expect a particular injury or sore area to be focused on. A remedial massage can be useful for sports injury / recovery or relaxation - just be sure to let our therapist what your preferences are.

When you attend a massage appointment with Barangaroo Physio, you will receive a thorough initial assessment and individualised recommendations. We cannot wait to help you feel relaxed and refreshed.