What are training zones?

By Physiotherapist, Paulina Backiel


So now that we have talked about Heart Rate and Max Heart Rate, let’s take a look at the different zones that should be incorporated into our training.

There are five zones based on your maximum heart rate:

Zone 1: 50 to 60% of maximum heart rate

Zone 2: 60 to 70%of maximum heart rate

Zone 3: 70 to 80% of maximum heart rate

Zone 4: 80 to 90% of maximum heart rate

Zone 5: 90 to 100% of maximum heart rate

This information was gathered from Healthline.com. To read their article about heart rate click here.


So, how do you use a training zone?

For a lot of people, numbers mean nothing, and when you are running you are not looking at your watch or phone the whole time to check your real time heart rate. I know I’m not! I would probably trip over something (long leg problems, on top of being a klutz). So to simplify things, we must transform these percentages into how your body is feeling. Is this run easy, hard, very hard?


Zone 1 – Easy 


Zone 2 – Steady


Zone 3 – Moderate/Hard


Zone 4 – Hard


Zone 5 – Very Hard



Generally, a beginner runner will train in Zones 1-3, while more advanced runners will train through all 5 Zones. If you want to learn more about your personalized HR zones and get running faster and smarter, click HERE to get yourself started with a personalized running program. I will guide you through a personalized running program, and right now you can save over $300 if you book now! 


Your Running Physio,


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